Sunday, January 25, 2009

Parreco Look-alike Meter

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I have been tagged by Christi and Lynn to answer the hubby questions going around, so here goes!

1. What is his name? Michael Parreco

2. Who eats more? It depends on what we are eating

3. Who said, "I love you" first? I know it is sad but I don't really remember

4. Who is taller? Mike

5. Who is more sensitive? Me

6. Who does the laundry? Whoever sees that it needs to be done

7. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I always sleep on the side with the nightstand

8. Who pays the bills? I do

9. Who cooks more? Mike

10. Who is more stubborn? Probably me

11. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Mike, I just said I am more stubborn

12. Who has more siblings? Mike has 3 brothers and I am an only child

13. Who wears the pants in the relationship? We share the pants

14. What do you like to do together? Watch movies, hang out with friends

15. Who eats more sweets? We both likes sweets equally

16. Guilty pleasures? mine-chocolate and starbucks, mike's-golfing

17. How did you meet? mutual friend, we didn't like each other when we first met

18. Who asked whom out first? Mike asked me

20. Who proposed? Mike

21. His best features and qualities? features-eyes, qualities-Loving and caring husband and father.

22. Tag, you're it. Who do you tag? Jeannie, Lily, Kaitlin, Ashley

Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday Party

My wonderful friend Jeannie and my darling husband Mike (mostly Jeannie) threw me and Danny (Jeannie's husband) a birthday party last weekend. Jeannie had decorated her house with pictures of me and Danny all over and we all played Rock Band and Partini.

Thank you guys, you rock!!
I love you!


Our anniversary was the 7th of January and we celebrated with a low key, relaxing night at home. I must say it was pretty romantic, well as romantic as it could be with a 6 week old in the house. Mike brought home roses and a balloon for me and we had dinner while watching top chef. For those of you who don't know Mike will be leaving for Iraq in September and will therefore miss our next anniversary. I try to not think about all of the holidays we won't celebrate together while he is gone but focus on him being with us now. I find that it is really hard to just enjoy each special occasion and not think about that he won't be here next year for it. I feel as if sometimes I get so caught up in the fact that he will be gone that I end up not fully enjoying the time we have together; so, my question is do we ever really just enjoy each day and live it to its fullest, or are we constantly living in the past or focusing on what the future brings?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Journal for Jordan

The Reading Wahines, my book club chose to read A Journal for Jordan this month. The book is a true story about a soldier in Iraq who keeps a journal for his son. We had posted about us reading the book on our blog and the author Dana Canedy made a comment wanting us to let her know what we thought of the book. I couldn't believe that she actually found us and took the time to comment and post on her blog about us. You can find out more about the book and read about us on her blog at . I encourage all of you to read the book, it gives such a true account of what we all sacrifice for freedom.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year