Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

What a great Valentine's Day!! We spent the day out and about in Mililani at Just Tacos, Starbucks, The movies (He's just not that into you), and I got a mani/pedi.

We also bought our ticket to come home and I am excited to say we will be back March 2nd!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ace of Cakes, June and Mike's Work

Ok, so I have been really busy this past week and haven't had a chance to do any blogging. What have we been doing you ask? Well Mike's auntie June came to visit for the week and we really enjoyed having her meet Parker, I mostly enjoyed taking a shower that lasted longer than 5 minutes.
We went to the airfield where Mike works to look at the helicopters and pose for some pictures with the aircraft.
For my birthday on the 30th we went to our favorite Italian restaurant, Assaggio's to eat and June made me a birthday cake. Mike bought me a beautiful necklace with three turtles to represent our new family of three...pics to soon follow.

June, Parker and myself had the honor of meeting the Ace of Cakes crew last Thursday at the Tropics on post. They were on the Island making a cake for Lost and visited the military base to make a Blackhawk cake for the Army. We met Duff and the crew when we got autographs and pictures, we also got to eat some of the cake.